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How Do I Get Started?

  • Sign up to create an account.
  • Buy credits or a membership. Choose from a range of packages to fit your needs.
  • Reserve a class at a time that works for you
  • Go to class and IGNITE a CHANGE in YOU!

Where Are We Located?

We are located at 241 Oxfodrd St East, at the corner of Oxford and Richmond. CLICK HERE to see a map and suggested parking.

What Is The Cost?

Hi-Ignition Fit Lab offers both a credit system and monthly memberships. Payable on-line by credit card and onsite with cash and major credit card (No Amex). We currently do not accept debit and apologize for any inconvenience.

Call the Front of House Ambassador to ask about “Family Membership” sharing and our New Fitness Friend sharing options. In addition, first time clients receive their 1st group fitness class FREE! For more pricing options and to SIGN UP FREE CLICK HERE!

What Should I Wear?

We recommend comfortable workout attire. If cycling, avoid loose fitting, long pants that could get caught in pedals.

What Should I Bring?

You should bring a close-topped water bottle, towel and INDOOR SNEAKERS. For Cycle Classes, you can wear either regular indoor shoes or SPD clip cycle shoes if you have them, if not don’t worry, regular running shoes will do! Mats are provided for Barre, Yoga, Pilates and Group Fitness Classes.

Indoor Shoes Only, No Exceptions!

Many types of harmful bacteria latch onto the soles of shoes. The ground is one of the dirtiest places there is. Most of our training and/or classes have a portion of the class that requires you the members to touch the floor with your hands or other parts of the body. A 2008 study by the University of Arizona found 9 different types of bacteria live on the bottom of shoes. These bacteria have the potential to cause infections in our lungs, eyes and stomach. Making matters worse, our shoes are constantly collecting more debris, feeding the growth of new bacteria. “With every step you take, you are able to pick up the microbes and transfer them to other areas, such as your home or our,” says Dr. Jonathan Sexton, research specialist at the University of Arizona. “This can include pathogenic organisms such as E. coli or MRSA.”

Outdoor Shoes bring dangerous toxins into the Studio.

Pesticides, toxic coal tar, lead and fecal matter comprise just a few of the toxins that could be making their way into the studio via your shoes. Long-term exposure to these toxins has been shown to adversely affect health.

When Can I Sign Up For A Class?

You are able to reserve your spot in a class up to 2 months in advance. However, the schedule is always changing and if a class you signed up for weeks in advance is cancelled, you will be notified by email only.

We encourage you to sign up for your favourite classes as soon as possible as many classes fill up quickly.

However, the schedule is always changing and if a class you signed up for weeks in advance is cancelled, you will be notified by email only. We encourage you to sign up for your favourite classes as soon as possible as many classes fill up quickly. Please register for a class at clicking here or use the Hi-Ignition App (iTunes APP or Android APP).

When the class is full, you can put yourself on the waitlist, which will allow our system to contact you by your chosen preferred form of contact. If a bike or a spot opens up in that class you’ll be placed in that class and notified by email or text message.

How Far In Advance Do I Have To Cancel A Class To Avoid Penalty?

You must cancel a class a minimum of 12 hours before the class start time to avoid penalty. If you cancel after the 12 hour minimum deadline, you will forfeit one credit or, if you hold a monthly membership, you will lose one class credit for the month. The only way to cancel a class is to log in to your account or the Hi-Ignition App (iTunes APP or Android APP).

What Happens If I Fail To Show Up For A Class I've Signed Up For?

If you fail to show up for a class you’re signed up for, you will forfeit the credit used to reserve the class or, if you hold a monthly membership, you will lose one class credit for the month.

How Will I Know If I Have Gotten Into A Class Off A Wait List?

As soon as a bike or spot has opened up for you, we will notify you by email or phone. Remember, when you put yourself on a wait list, the system uses one of your credits to hold your place. If you have made other plans and do not plan to attend class, please remove yourself from the wait list to avoid penalty if a spot becomes available for you. You may remove yourself through your account or the Hi-Ignition App (iTunes APP or Android APP).

Do I Have To Pre-register?

Yes and No. Our specialized classes are open to limited number of participants per session. SIGN UP HERE. For even easier scheduling, download our on iTunes APP or Android APP. Sometimes classes are not fully booked and you can arrive at the Fit Lab and sign in, but please try to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Can I Buy A Gift Certificate For A Friend?

Yes! Just ask about it at the Fit Lab. You can purchase classes, as well as specific dollar amounts as gifts.

Can I Give Some Of My Credits To A Friend?

Yes and No. Credits and Memberships are non-transferable, unless you are immediate family that lives in the same household. Please call the Front of House Ambassador for more details (accounts can only be linked by staff members not clients.) You can also pick one Fitness Friend to share your account with. Both of you must be registered as separate clients in our system; then you can contact the front desk to link your accounts and credit package or membership.  It is not possible for one member to book two spots in a class even if you are sharing a package.

Do You Have Childcare In The Studio?

No. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have childcare available.

Do You Have Discounts?

Hi-Ignition Fit Lab offers a student discount with valid student ID. Please visit the front desk to see if you qualify for this discount. Please also note, our class credits do become less expensive when you buy in bulk. We also offer memberships which bring the per class price down even more. Please CLICK HERE for pricing information.
We also offer low-cost Community Classes taught by our instructors in training.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Participate At Hi-ignition?

Participants must be at least 4’11” to ride our bikes safely and at least 12 years old to participate in the other classes. Please note, if you are under 18, your parent or guardian will need to sign a waiver in person.

How Do I Adjust The Bike For My Body?

Stages SC3 bikes have several adjustments to tailor the bike to your body and comfort.

  • Raise/ Lower the seats.
  • Raise/Lower the handlebars.
  • Set distance between the handlebars and seat.

In every class, our instructors, as well as the Front of House Ambassador, will gladly help you with these settings; just let them know you’re new to our cycle class.

What If I Can’t Do Everything In Class? I Haven’t Worked Out For A While.

Hi-Ignition classes are challenging but most exercises and/or movements can be modified to be either more or less challenging depending on the participant’s needs or fitness goals. Most classes are suitable for any fitness level, and appropriate modifications will be provided. Always let the instructors know if you need specific alternatives or have limitations. All instructors will encourage you while reminding you listen to your own body. Contact us any time for specific class recommendations.

Do You Offer Beginner Classes?

From time to time, we will offer beginner classes. All instructors will encourage you, while reminding you to always listen to you own body. But if we’re not offering beginner classes when you’re looking to participate – don’t worry! We have new participants in almost every Hi-Ignition class.

How Is Ignition Cycle Different From The Cycling Classes Offered At My Gym?

We ride on Stages SC3 indoor bikes with the best consoles in the cycling world. We ride to the beat of the music and incorporate measurable statistics in every class. You can also view a quick video tutorial of the Stages SC3 Console.

Our other equipment includes only the top Commercial grade brands, click on the following links to learn more about our elite line up of cardio equipment.

WOODWAY treadmills feature state-of-the-art technology that provides the user with an experience unlike any other. The treadmill belts are comprised of numerous individual shock-absorbing slats that have been scientifically proven to reduce harmful shock to joints, muscles, and connective tissue; a luxury you won’t experience on any conventional treadmill.

TrueForm Treadmill is the top of the line self POWERED treadmill.

Water rower rowing machines offer a pleasant rowing exercise while holding true to the dynamics of on-water rowing; burn up to 1000 calories an hour and work up to 84 percent of your muscle mass! Rowing provides an effective, high-intensity, cardio workout, while maintaining a low-impact to the joints. Workout at your own pace as the WaterFlyWheel's self-regulating resistance dynamically adjusts to each of your strokes. Unlike common ergometers, to change resistance on a WaterRower rowing machine you simply row harder!

With the Octane LateralX add a new dimension and excitement to the cardio floor with the LateralX elliptical machine that delivers functional challenges, more muscle demands and greater caloric burn.Move members in an entirely new direction, with smooth 3-D motion that goes from a vertical elliptical stepping motion to an active side-to-side motion for functional exercise that challenges the entire body for better conditioning and even better results. In fact, research shows that LateralX elliptical users benefit from a 27% increase in calorie burn and a 30% increase in inner and outer thigh work over traditional standing elliptical machines. Plus, exercisers appreciate the variety in movement – and the ability to target the glutes, hips and thighs – whether they are rehabbing from an injury, training for athletics or just shaping up.

How Many Calories Are Burned Per Ignition Cycle Class?

It depends on the weight of the individual and the amount of energy used. Research indicates that on average, indoor cyclists burn from 500-700 calories in a 45-minute workout. The metrics on our Stages SC3 console console will help you determine how hard you are working and help you set goals as your fitness increases.

Can I Participate If I Am Pregnant?

Many pregnant women are able to exercise right up until their due date. However, we recommend you check with your doctor prior to participating.

Is There Any Way To Make The Ignition Cycle Seat More Comfortable?

As a beginner, the bike and bike seat require a little getting used to. During this phase it sometimes helps to wear padded bike shorts or use a cushioned gel seat. In a short period of time, you won’t necessarily need either!

Do Cycling Shoes Really Make A Difference And If So, What Type Should I Get?

Cycling shoes offer a more secure position in the pedals enabling the cyclist to work much more efficiently. Our bike pedals are compatible with “SPD” cleats if you are looking to purchase cycle shoes to ride at the Fit Lab!